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As the world shifts and changes, so it is important that we shift and change to meet the new paradigms that life brings to us.


And in understanding that the way we live and work needs to be different, we can choose to make this a time for growth and expansion and feel enegised, by expanding ourselves and what it is that we have to offer the world.


In support of my own growth and expansion, yet still aligned with my passion of working with the well-being of people, I am really excited to be drawing on my many years of experience in both the corporate and private sectors, and offering these services:



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Chances are, that as a small business, you do not have a dedicated Human Resources (HR) department. The world as we know it has altered, and it is unlikely that we will go back to how things were before. Now is when you probably find that you have the need for some part-time HR services.


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Powerful Conversations

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Right now, we are going through unprecedented times, times that for many have thrown us totally.  Do you need a safe space to process what you have been experiencing?  Do you want to create a better future for yourself?  Do you just want someone to listen to you without judging?...


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There is something about writing from different perspectives that really energises me.  I enjoy the flow that I experience when I write and I enjoy the variety of ideas and experiences that are out there to explore through the written word.  Maybe you need a new voice on your website?


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Human Resources Consulting

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