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We are in times right now when we all need to shift, change and grow...

Chances are, that as a small business, you do not have a dedicated Human Resources (HR) department. The world as we know it has altered, and it is unlikely that we will go back to how things were before. 

As things are shifting rapidly in the world right now are you finding that you need to restructure and refocus your business? Do you feel like you can't do it on your own?  Maybe you need some HR support do find a way to navigate these unprecedented times?

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With the impact on businesses being so severe, many find that they need to restructure their businesses in big or in small ways.  This could involve having staff shift roles, having to down-size, creating a different work environment and a different ethic in terms of how people interact in the workplace. And a whole lot more as well…



We are here to support your change

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We have a range of services to offer from recruitment to retrenchment and a whole lot inbetween. We can offer an advisory role or we can be involved in some of the HR processes.  We can support you to have Powerful Conversations as needed. We offer HR Consulting on an ad hoc basis or a part-time, on-going basis.


As you take a look at your business we can look at your people to find out who is being impacted? How are they being impacted? Then we can help the people to manage that impact, so that business can run efficiently again:

  • Process and define how to restructure your business

  • Support a reduction in staff process

  • Create a new focus for your business

  • Emotional support for the business owner and /or impacted staff

  • I am Kim Cassidy

  • I am warm, gentle and know how to hold a safe space for people as individuals, be it business managers or staff.

  • I have over ten years full time professional HR experience in a very large international company managing the whole sub-Saharan region.

  • I have travelled internationally doing this work, as well as a number of African countries.

  • My HR experience has included recruiting and retrenching people and a whole lot in-between... this is tough work, and I can do it with love.

  • I can help you make your people to feel like your family, even the ones who you may need to make tough decisions about.

Who are we and where do we come from?

Businesses need to change

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