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Many business people are having to deal with issues that they have not had to deal with before. Suddenly times are very different and all businesses have been severly impacted in some way..  As a business person  

  • Perhaps you need to have difficult conversations with your staff and aren't sure how to go about it?
  • Perhaps you need someone to facilitate a difficult conversation for you?
  • Perhaps you need to change the focus and direction fo your business and need someone objective to talk this through
  • Perhaps you are looking for a safe space and someone to listen as you process what is going on?...


My experience and training in facilitating conversations, coupled with my life coaching skills, allows me to support you powerfully. Read on to see what kind of support we can offer...

Powerful Conversations: 1-on-1

Powerful Business Conversations

Powerful Conversations for Business

Strategic Conversations

  • These conversations are to work out a strategy prior to a difficult conversation / meeting so that you go into the conversation:
    • With a clear, concise message
    • Feel confident in how you are sharing your message
    • Alleviate the stress of what you need to do


Facilitated Conversations:

Have someone impartial facilitate your converstion, especially for those really challenging conversations where where the conversation is managed so that:

  • Everyone feels heard
  • That a win-win resolution is reached
  • Everyone feels empowered
  • Everyone feels respected

We can support you to have really powerful conversations in your business.

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And even as a business person, as an indivudal you still have to deal with life's challenges... And maybe you need to talk things through.


We can offer:

  • A safe, held space to discuss what you are experiencing
  • A once-off session or a series of sessions - you dertermine what you need
  • A really good listening ear, without judegement
  • A different perspective
  • A calm, gentle experience


I have a wealth of experience in holding a safe space for people to process an issue. You may be looking for a one off session or you may want a more structured long-term approach - let's discuss what would work best for you...

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