The Power of 3 with The Brain Trainer

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A drug-free approach to addressing the imbalances (patterning) that the brain has put in place as life has come at us.  As these patterns no longer serve us, this is a runique way to release them..

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Transformational Work

Unless we change what we do, we will keep ending up in the same place.  The power lies in our taking ourselves on, either powerfully on our own or within the wisdom of a group....

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Without being able to quiet the mind it is difficult to access ourselves.  If we can't get to that quiet space in ourselves, it is difficult to know what it is that we truly want and therefore to create it....

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Who can benefit from Neurofeedback?

Anyone wanting to:

  • Manage Stress and Anxiety
  • Deal with Emotional Trauma
  • Deal with Depression
  • And much, much more...
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What is Neurofeedback?


  • Neurofeedback (Brain Training) works with the harmonics of the brain to create the neural pathways that allow the brain to function more effectively...




What does Neurofeedback do?

  • Neurofeedback is a non-invasive treatment that trains people to use their brains more effectively....

The reality is, that if we keep on doing what we have been doing, we will keep ending up where we are now.  At The Brain Trainer we believe that by offering a triad of options - Neurofeedback (Brain Training), Transformational Work and Meditation - that we are offering a unique, integrated approach to shifting your life. We believe that this powerful combination of three approaches to changing your life can be truly transformational...


International Brain Awareness Week:

How can Brain Training benefit me?

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