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In a world that is reeling from so much change right now, unless we focus on our own well-being, we won’t be able to focus on being there for our families or for any of our other responsibilities…  

We offer a unique set of services to support you in achieving and maintaining your well-being in a warm, caring environment.  And as the brain is what regulates most of how and what we think and feel, we have a strong emphasis on working with the brain in various ways….:

Neurofeedback (Brain Training)

Neurofeedback is a drug-free approach to mental well-being.  It is form of biofeedback which teaches the brain to regulate itself effectively.  Neurofeedback is a way to quantify and train brain activity. The basic principles of how neurofeedback works are deceptively simple. The advances in the combination of brain science and computer technology have brought the benefits of neurofeedback out of research laboratories and into practical and effective clinical treatment.

Today, many clients who have not responded to traditional counselling and/or medication can expect meaningful improvement in cognitive, emotional, behavioural and physiological functioning with neurofeedback. It is used for depression, anxiety, focus and concentration, peak performance, sleep issues, epilepsy …. and a whole lot more….

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Powerful Conversations

Right now, we are going through unprecedented times, times that for many have thrown us totally.  Do you need a safe space to process what you have been experiencing?  Do you want to create a better future for yourself?  Do you just want someone to listen to you without judging? For me the best way to deal with these things is to talk things through and process what’s coming up in a safe space – the power lies on the conversation …

With training and experience in coaching and brain training over many years, we have a unique set of skills to support people in working through life’s challenges and opportunities

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Meditiation has so many powerful benefits, especially for your brain… It is really good for stress and for your general well-being, particularly when you practice regularly.  We highly recommend meditation as a daily practice. Meditation’s simultaneous benefits of “dual activated thinking” and “neuroplastic brain rewiring” open up a highly beneficial world of possibilities.

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