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Almost like a divine gift, I ran into Kim shortly before my birthday in April. She was a Stargarden regular and I always admired her beautiful calm spirit and sense of humor, (and her lovely dresses!). She also happens to be a Neurofeedback trainer and encouraged me to come to ‘The Brain Trainer’ center for a session, then 5…then 10…until I finished the 30 prescribed sessions.

I emerged. Slowly but surely I started regaining little bits of missing information. My confidence improved which made working possible and I could feel the life return to my rigid being. I could cry again, which I was unable to do since my father died almost 6 years ago.

My emotions and sleep patterns stabilized and I remembered who I was, long ago, a girl with dreams and hopes and a beautiful life.


In all honesty, I feel great. . . SO great! I haven’t had any anxiety or a panic attacks since I was in the process of brain training. I feel like there have been a few twinges of it, but nothing has manifested.

I am sleeping SO well! Not sure if I have ever slept this well and I feel good when I wake up. I find that I am quite tired in the evenings, but it’s not a heavy, lethargic tired. . . it feels like a “catching up on sleep” tired.

I feel more motivated, my moods are better, the OCD has subsided a lot. The noises in my head are MUCH calmer and I have actually been able to sit down and relax at times this past week. I feel like I am getting more done without being distracted and I feel like I’m back on track with motivation to really take care of myself.


I do not have enough words to thank Kim enough for what she has done for me and for my quality of life! My story is an age old one of severe childhood trauma that left me emotionally and mentally crippled as an adult. I suffered for many years with chronic anxiety and catastrophic thought patterns. A friend of mine has been nagging for a couple of years to go to Brain Training (Neurofeedback) with Kim. I eventually gave in and tried it (I had nothing to lose right?).

I have just finished 30 hours of brain training and I feel like I have been reborn! MY BRAIN IS SOOOO QUIET! That is the only way I can describe it. The fear, voices and chaos up there is 90% gone. I feel like a new person with joy in my life again and am actually experiencing life in the present moment. I am actually living … and enjoying it! It is such a relief!

Thank you Kim, from the bottom of my heart. I will miss my relaxing sessions with you (where I often just fell asleep) … but I am sure I will be back for my refreshes, as I am loving my life … FREE from the chains and damage of the past.


I am battling to put into words how I feel. Life keeps happening and keeps throwing every curve ball it can think of in my direction but I find myself navigating them calmly and logically. I am coping better, responding better and bouncing back faster than I have for many years.

I think the first step was to admit I needed help and to realise I am worthy enough to spend the money on myself. It was the best gift I have ever given myself. I had let my life get to a point where anxiety, being on full alert constantly and frequent panic attacks had become the norm- yes, I hit rock bottom before I realized I needed the help.

The whole process was enjoyable and easy, non-intrusive….. I loved the napping. As the treatments went along I could feel myself becoming stronger, more cohesive. I slept better and had more energy. I found myself tackling tasks that had been left for ages and had piled up to an overwhelming task. My creativity has returned, I am interested in my work  and hobbies again My friends started to remark how relaxed I looked that I had been looking incredibly drawn before the treatment, that I laugh quickly like I used to.

I feel I have been reset with the correct “tools”. The dark gloomy feeling that I dragged with me for so many years has dissipated.  Now I am thinking clearly and calmly I can piece my world into a place where I find joy. Most importantly I have found that I am worthy of that joy and that makes the rest of the daily slog worth it.

Thank you! Thank you for being there, listening and helping me find my way back to me!


Kim, I am feeling fantastic! I do not feel so apologetic and people-pleasing all the time, which was very draining for me. I speak more directly, without feeling I will offend anyone. My general and social anxiety is but a mere echo; I do not turn down meetings or social invitations down any more. I do not catastrophise or feel a sense of doom and gloom.

My energy levels are consistent throughout the day. I can express myself more easily, it feels like the words find me instead of the other way around. I have had several conversations since then, which in the past would make me extremely anxious, but these conversations were much easier than I ever expected and it has been very healthy for my relationships.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me. This has been the best thing I could have done. I even think it contributed significantly to my business gaining more momentum. I will be forever grateful!


During 2015 I had 23 hours of neurofeedback during a three week period with Kim in Cape Town.  It has helped me tremendously. At first I was sceptical that something seemingly so simple could really make a difference to me, but I decided that I had nothing to loose , so I just did it. Before starting the neurofeedback my memory was seriously compromised, my thinking foggy and the little voice in my head just would not shut up.

On the 31st of December 2009, I dove into a river and hit a rock with my head resulting in a large cut on the forehead, severe concussion and blood loss and I fractured my C1 and C2 vertebrae. This was three weeks before my 18th birthday and I almost didn’t make it to my birthday. Everything in my life changed in an instant. 

After the physical damage had healed, it became apparent that my memory had not. I would watch a movie or try to follow a conversation and very quickly would realise that I have no idea as to what I am watching and would have difficulty in contributing to a conversation. This wasn’t only terrifying; it made me feel incredibly out of control and stupid.

After the neurofeedback and plenty of rest as suggested by Kim, the fog started to disappear, my memory improved and my general wellbeing came back to the point where I actually went and did my commercial diving courses and I did really well. Slowly but surely my confidence came back.

Now, a year later, I am living and working overseas and about to start studying again. This would not have been the case had I not had the neurofeedback sessions. You might be forgiven to think that it is expensive, but it is certainly worth every penny. The time and money spent is time and money well spent. I had the physical as well as the emotional trauma, sever stress, anxiety and fear. There was a breakdown in relationships because people really does not know what to do with you after such an accident because it fundamentally changes you and how you see life and the world. That added to the stress because of the losses incurred.

I would freely recommend neurofeedback therapy to anyone. It does not change who you are, but it does help you to get back to a point where restoration happens in your life. Whether you had a physical injury, emotional trauma, stress, extreme stress or if you just want to enhance your abilities, neurofeedback certainly is the way to go.


The brain training has significantly improved my mood and made me more resilient to life’s challenges. It has also reduced the amount of negative self-talk and rumination I used to go through. Overall, I feel more positive about the future and more able to tackle life’s challenges.


I must say I’m feeling very strong in the head. I’m also feeling like my thoughts are clear. I have purpose! I think the timing of Brain Training was perfect as the next 5 months are going to be rough and a lot of hard work at college.  So thank you SO MUCH for the refresh. I obviously needed it.


When I first was told about brain training, I was very hesitant. Thanks to my anxiety. After so many cancellations, questions & hesitations I finally did my sessions with Kim. Every single session Kim made me feel comfortable, happy and answered all my questions happily. She made everything so great.

I have never met anyone with more patience and care! 


I thought that I had coped with lockdown very well… I thought that I was feeling quite good… until I did my refresh training last week and I realised how amazing I felt after my refresh training…. I have no doubt that the brain training helped me deal with what the world threw at us… at the same time… if you haven’t done your refresh training after lockdown, I highly recommend you do!  Just do it and see what I mean. 


This works, this really , really works. I cant believe how clear I feel and how focused I am , I am telling everyone I know about brain training.


“I feel so much better since training, unbelievable. Thank you very much.”


“I’m doing very well and enjoying the new me, really quite an amazing experience to feel so alive again.”


It has been an interesting experience and definitely I have experienced a shift which is what I was needing.  The brain is amazing.  Thank you for facilitating this for me and for all your support


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