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Neurofeedback for EPILEPSY

If you or a loved one is experiencing seizures or have an epilepsy diagnosis, Neurofeedback can be a permanent, drug-free solution to reduce the severity and onset of seizure disorders like epilepsy. Research regarding the use of Neurofeedback for epilepsy dates back to the 1960’s with Dr. Barry Sterman’s discoveries. (The field of Neurofeedback today owes much of its preliminary research and findings to Dr. Barry Sterman for his work creating and establishing clinical applications for Neurofeedback.)

Epilepsy was one of the very first therapeutic applications of Neurofeedback in 1972, when Dr. Barry Sterman eliminated seizures in a 23 year-old female epileptic, who then came off medication and was then able to get a driving licence. In this paper Barry Sterman describes how he accidentally discovered how Neurofeedback-trained cats were less susceptible to seizures when exposed to rocket fuel, and went on to replicate this remarkable discovery in monkeys then humans. He also summarises 18 separate peer-reviewed journal studies on Neurofeedback for epilepsy over a 25 year period: Barry, M.B. (2000). Basic concepts and clinical findings in the treatment of seizure disorders with EEG operant conditioning. Clinical Electroencephalography, 31(1).

Can Neurofeedback training reduce or eliminate seizure disorders?

Seizure disorders like epilepsy respond well to Neurofeedback training. Drugs and often surgery are routinely used to treat seizures and epilepsy. However, for those looking for a natural, risk-free approach, Neurofeedback training can provide effective treatment for people with all types of seizure disorders – a drug-free and non-invasive solution.

With Neurofeedback it is possible to train the brain to de-emphasize rhythms that lead to generation and propagation of seizures and help emphasize rhythms that make seizures less likely to occur. It can help restore your brain’s function and resolve its dysregulation. Through Neurofeedback training, the brain can learn to regulate and stabilize the nerve disruptions that cause their condition.

How does Neurofeedback work with epilepsy?

  • Neurofeedback is a treatment option applicable to all types of seizures and helpful in the case of brain damage and brain abnormalities.
  • With Neurofeedback, specific symptoms of epilepsy can be targeted, at the same time, every individual is different and to what extent the brain can recover or compensate abnormalities will vary.
  • A reduction in frequency, intensity, and recovery time can result from Neurofeedback training.
  • Since abnormal brain activity, also known as instabilities, are seen as the main cause of epilepsy, the most important goal during Neurofeedback training is stabilising the brain. We use Neurofeedback ‘to train the brain to control its abnormal activity’.
  • Neurofeedback has been proven to raise a person’s seizure threshold, meaning the brain would be more resistant to seizures.
  • Additional issues arise in the brain due to epilepsy, including reduced cognitive efficiency, affecting processing speed and memory. Neurofeedback is also able to address and correct these brain functions.

Other training benefits can be:

  • improved cognitive efficiency
  • improved well-being
  • physical calming, resulting in improved balance and coordination
  • enhancing emotional control, which for example can reduce anxiety
  • and more

As the research shows, Neurofeedback can be very effective in reducing or eliminating epileptic seizures.


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