How does the whole process work?

How many hours of training will I need?

  • Most adults need in the region of 40 hour-long sessions to experience the full benefits of brain training and most children need in the region of 30 hour-long sessions to experience the full benefits of brain training. To facilitate this process we book and train the initial 25 hours, then re-evaluate and then agree on and train for the balance hours required

Is it safe?

  • Yes it is safe - we are merely working on addressing the imbalances that ahve been found.

How effective is it?

  • In the normal course of events, neurofeedback ought to work with everybody. That is to say, nearly everyone should make gains that they themselves would judge to be worthwhile. Our brains are made for learning and skill-acquisition. In most cases the actual outcome exceeds the prior expectations.

Will it change my personality?

  • No it wont cahnge your personality or who you are - it is a means to have youe brain work more effectively for you.

What happens after the training is complete?

  • We keep in touch with you on a regular basis to find out how you are faring.

How do I make sure that my brain stays healthy?

  • Regular exercise is extremely beneficial

  • Healthy eating is a must

  • A good Omega 3 supplement works well

  • Limiting screen-time for at least half an hour before bed

  • Anything that challenges your brain

  • Make sure you do your refresh training every six months